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Customer Experience

Deliver a more responsive brand experience with omnichannel communications

Discover how B2C industries are using omnichannel communications to reimagine the customer experience.

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KDDI America Omnichannel Communications, In Partnership with Infobip

Evolve your customer experience with Omnichannel Communications. Stay in touch with customers on their favorite message platforms, streamline customer service with chat apps, get better results with RCS marketing campaigns, and more. With KDDI America, you get omnichannel messaging powered by Infobip with carrier grade global infrastructure to deliver your message to every customer device.

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Optimize your customer experience on any channel

Today's customers expect your brand to be as easy to reach as friends or family. With omnichannel communications, businesses can use customer preferences, needs, and platforms to create powerful messaging.

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Engage customers
anywhere on any device

Improve conversion with personalized communication. Capture customers' attention and interest with customized messages, offers, and promotions.

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Retain customers with
personalized outreach

Build meaningful relationships at scale. Stay top of mind with current customers and reengage inactive customers to increase retention and loyalty.

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Fast track
customer support

Increase responsiveness with customer service solutions. Streamline service calls, decrease wait times, and automate responses to frequently asked questions.

Omnichannel Dramatically Improves Business Outcomes

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Discover how personalized promotions and messaging to individual customers built and maintained these retailers' customer base.

Customer loyalty is crucial in a market where competing products are just a screen away. Introducing more personalized promotions and messaging to individual customers helps build loyalty and longevity in your customer base.

35% increase of in-store conversion by an electronics retailer using location-based push notifications.

17x more engagement by an auto retailer upgrading from SMS to RCS messaging.

14x sales increase by a retailer using a chatbot campaign for a new product launch.

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Learn how customized outreach with highly personalized content grew engagement and customer satisfaction for financial companies.

Growing engagement, improving service and boosting retention are key customer strategies in the financial sector. Customize client communications with personalized messaging and offers to create a more customer-focused experience.

30% increase in sales leads and 15% increase in product sales for a regional bank that upgraded from SMS to RCS messaging.

10x reduction in contact center costs for a bank that switched to WhatsApp, reducing call wait time and improving customer experience.

70% increase in customer engagement and 40% conversion rate for a bank using Viber for its event-specific campaign.

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Find out how on-demand businesses set themselves apart with responsive customer outreach, updates, and polling.

As the on-demand economy grows more competitive, how well you stay in touch with customers creates a competitive advantage. Provide customers with the who, when, and where of their on-demand goods and services on the communication channels they prefer.

50% reduced service calls for a leading travel agency after automating travel alerts via SMS.

Increased response for a restaurant campaign using SMS; it was so popular it ended early due to unexpectedly high order volume.

Decreased message delays and delivery errors for a rideshare company using SMS, ensuring passengers receive messages with or without Internet connection.

The Next Evolution of Customer Experience: Omnichannel Communications

As technology changes customers' expectations, learn why omnichannel communication is the forward-thinking solution.

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Evolve Your Customer Experience with Omnichannel Communications

Discover how you can engage, retain, and support your customers everywhere, on every device, with omnichannel communications.

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KDDI America and Infobip Partner to Deliver Omnichannel Messaging Solution

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